Shabby Chalk & Shimmer Paint Coming May 15th 2013

Why we are doing our part, to get the toxins out of your paint, your air, your home and away from your children!

Red White & Blue Chalk Paint

I have always been “that” girl. The one who seemed to be allergic to everything. One day sitting in yet another office, a doctor said something that made sense. “Everyone is allergic to these toxins. Your body is telling you before cancer or other serious health problems happen.” THAT was my “A-HA!” moment. I had to make a decision- I can stop doing what I love, or get out there and find something safe.

With lots of prayer, blessings, and a few just plain miracles, I met some wonderful ladies who have the same environmental and health concerns and share my vision. I put my faith in The Almighty and “jumped”.Shabby Chalked and Shabby Shimmer Paint were born…
Every product is safe, non-toxic, ZERO V.O.C., made and owned in the USA. The extensive line of products will cover chalk-based paints, Shimmer, VAX, Varnish, Glazes, and more!
Over the next month I plan to share my test colors and projects. I want to inspire you and show you what this line can do for YOU. This isn’t about me, this is something no one else in the market currently has.  Shabby Chalked and Shabby Shimmer Paint is a true American made and owned business that puts quality, safety, health and the environment FIRST! We offer the DIYer and business owner a safe, quality paint that is like no other. This is more than chalk for adhesion- this paint uses a high quality resin made to outlast the rest.  We don’t think American made should cost more either and our price reflects that.
If you know someone with chemical sensitivities, allergies, is pregnant, or concerned about long term health problems, I urge you to share this with them.