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Designed for those that finish furniture professionally, but easy enough for the beginner.

Shabby Paints uses the latest technology to marry non-toxic pure acrylic resins and natural pigments to give you the ultimate degree of durability & adhesion while being totally safe.

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Shabby Chalk-Acrylic Paint is an amazingly rich paint with unbelievable adhesion qualities.

No need to prime or sand.  Just Clean, Paint, Protect and Enjoy.

The Perfect decorative paint. 


Like nothing else on the market VAX gives you the look of wax without fumes, buffing, or the need to reapply.

Shabby Paints Sheer VAX Top Coat is not a wax. It’s a combination of high quality Varnish and Acrylic resin that applies easily with a damp brush or damp applicator sponge for a durable matte finish.


In a league of its own, reVAX is our line of tinted Top Coats.  Use for protection, depth, as a glaze or even a stain.

reVAX gives you the look of tinted waxes without fumes, buffing, or the need to reapply.

It comes in Hazelnut, Black, Glitter, White, and Pearl.

Shabby Shimmer Paints & Glazes

Shabby Shimmers  are perfect for adding Shimmery Vibrancy to your  furniture, crafts, canvas, clothing, art and so much more.

Satin Varnish


Shabby Paints Satin Varnish is the perfect Top Coat for those that want more sheen than typical waxes. Our Quick Drying Acrylic Varnish is made with high quality made in the USA, NON Toxic Ingredients. It dries strong but remains flexible to prevent peeling and cracking.

Shabby Paints Comes in Over 40 Vibrant and Easy-To-Use Styles and Colors


VOC Free

Our Products are perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities.