Introducing the belief that success is rarely achieved alone…

and never at the expense of  humanity, health, or the environment in which we live.

Shabby Paints Comes in Over 35 Vibrant and Easy-To-Use Styles and Colors

 Shabby Paints is proud to offer an extensive range of styles and colors as we make our market debut.


Offering outstanding coverage and exceptional adhesion, our paints come in two styles for the most versatility. The first is our “Chalk” finish, available in 24 beautiful colors, including “Licorice”… a true black, “Lime Time”… a vivid showstopper, and “Oh So Shabby”… a soft, sunny yellow. But we’re also excited to present our lively “Shimmer” finish, which is introduced in 6 vibrant colors, including “Stunning Silver,” “Smoked Pearl,” and “Sapphire Sea.”

In addition to our superior paints, we’ve also got a great line up of glazes to enhance any project. Used alone or in combination with our paints, our glazes add depth and texture to any project. Think about the possibilities your customers will unlock when they give “Old Gold” or “Brown Bronze” a try.

And finally our unique VAX & ReVAX will complete and transform any project. It’s currently being offered in Sheer VAX, and Black, Glitter, Hazelnut, and Pearl ReVAX.

Our Products are perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities.